A Dangerous Dare Left this Kid with ‘Alien Look’ and Serious Brain Injuries

Tyler Broome, who is eleven, was at the park with his friend. He was pressured to try a stunt that others had seen on YouTube called the “roundabout of death.” This is when one person sits in the middle of a merry-go-round. The other person spins the merry-go-round using the back wheel of a moped or motorcycle.

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“A group of older teens approached Tyler and his friend, asking them if they would do this stunt,” Tyler’s mom, Dawn Hollingworth stated. Normally, kids aren’t able to spin the merry-go-round very fast. They can’t get it up to a high enough speed to be harmful. That is why they wanted to use the motorcycle.

They videotaped the stunt and it is now going viral online. Tyler passed out during the stunt, but the older teenagers kept going. They didn’t see that he had lost consciousness. Tyler was now going at a very dangerous speed. He had injuries similar to fighter pilots who were exposed to high levels of gravitational force. Tyler fell off the merry-go-round.

Photo Credit: Facebook (Dawn Hollingworth)

The teenagers then left Tyler, critically wounded, in the park alone. He had fluid around his brain. His vision was damaged and his eyes were bulging out. The doctors were stumped at how to approach Tyler’s treatment. They had to research his condition before treating him because it was so rare.

Photo Credit: Facebook (Dawn Hollingworth)

This has been the mother’s post in Facebook last September 2018:

“WARNING -UNPLEASANT VIEWING. To all the you tube bloggers who keep posting dangerous pranks that young 11 year old boys think looks like fun this is the result this evening SO STOP POSTING PRANKS. My son has been rushed on blues to one of the country’s top hospitals Queens Medical Centre for treatment for severe injuries. His injuries were so rare the resus staff have never witnessed such injuries and had to research it before they could treat him. Due to my sons condition I have tonight was asked and have concented for the hospital photographer to take photos as the main doctor treating him tonight wants to write a paper for the medical journal. As for the scum bags who call them selves friends who laughed so loud when he passed out and then left him alone unconscious in the park I and the police know who you are. The guy with the bike who i wont name is almost an adult yet he ran like a baby. A decent young lad who I only know as Liam who lives in Tuxford who entered the park and saw my son laying on the ground ran and called an ambulance. From the bottom of my heart I thank you so much Liam. I also thank the 3 lads who are setting up the fair on the park for informing the ambulance and myself of exactly what happened seeing he was left alone to suffer. Police now have the video and i have have not been able to get my son’s account of the incident due to his injuries. My son remains in hospital with the threat of a stroke if his head swelling doesn’t go down to release the pressure. I have posted this video not for any sympathy but purely in the hope that young boys see this and do NOT repeat this you tube prank. I could of easily lost my son tonight and wouldnt want any parent going through what my family are tonight.”

Photo Credit: Facebook (Dawn Hollingworth)

Dawn was furious at the boys who left her son alone in the park and the police were contacted regarding this incident. She also thanked the kind boy who saw her son and called the ambulance. Tyler is not out of the woods yet. He could still have a stroke if the swelling doesn’t go down. For now, Dawn is just thankful to still have her son with her.

Photo Credit: Facebook (Dawn Hollingworth)

Young teens are known for trying crazy stunts and tricks. Especially now with social media, their often harmful stunts are often featured online. Peer pressure is at an all time high for this age group. They are often encouraged to do their stunts and post them to social media for others to see.

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