Kindhearted Firefighters Gave Holiday Cheers to Families in Need

Firefighters are doing their duties as heroes, every day and every night. When there are people who need their aid, they are there to save the day. They even take their time off to help their community! The ones at Station 1 in Marlboro, Massachusetts, are the firefighters described. These heroes found another way to help their community – by providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

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Families like Maria and her three kids are one of the families helped by the firefighters. The single mom and her family recently moved out from their shelter. That’s why, she has to carefully watch every penny they spend for their everyday living.

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The one who runs the Thanksgiving program, is the 28-year veteran firefighter at Marlboro fire department, Bob Dolan. He knows that there are families like Maria’s, who deserve to enjoy holidays.

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He and other firefighters happily went serious grocery shopping for the locals. By doing this, Bob believes that they are fulfilling their department’s motto, “Our family helping your family.” Because of this act of kindness, they had given joy and holiday cheers to two dozen families in need. These firefighters did not just give food for these families, they even put smiles on their faces!

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What they did to these families will remind you what the holidays are all about! Take time and think about the blessings you receive, and also share some blessings to others in need.

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Watch these firefighters, with blessed hearts, give holiday cheers to families:

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