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Expectation VS Reality: Secret Tricks Behind Food Advertising

Have you ever experienced comparing that fried chicken you bought which looks smaller and less crispier than the one you saw at a billboard sign on the highway? How about that bread which is all air on the inside? Maybe even that lovely dish which you can’t just seem to copy, wondering what went wrong.

It really is a treat to look at the yummiest, most scrumptious, and most delightful foods flashed in between your favorite shows from time to time. However, you might get surprised with the tricks behind these lovely presentations.

See this solid stack of pancakes?

Yes, those chunky looking pancakes you see actually have cardboard stacked on them. Yup, you heard it right! Adding cardboard to each layer has made those pancakes look even taller and thicker!

Not to mention the fact that the “syrup” used was actually motor oil since motor oil doesn’t absorb into pancakes.

How about this juicy looking burger? Doesn’t it make the tummy rumbly?

Like the pancakes earlier, this burger is no different. The height of the burger was actually elevated by a makeup sponge. Furthermore, what keeps everything intact is none other than a simple toothpick.

Add a bit of vegetable oil on the sides of the patty and some finishing touches, and there you go! A chunky juicy looking burger!

This bowl of cereal on the other hand looks so natural as if Mother Nature herself is causing the cereals and fruits to perfectly float in place.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn’t the one keeping those things afloat but rather the simple combination of jello and glue. The jello serves as the solid structure at the base of the bowl, while the glue keeps the cereals afloat and not soggy unlike milk.

Similarly, you can also use a ramekin as a solid hidden structure to keep garnishes on the surface!

How about having foam on top your beer? Ever wonder how beer commercials make longer lasting foams on top of the drink?

Well, the answer to that is dishwashing liquid! By adding dish soap, you create a foam-like touch to the beer. Of course, you wouldn’t want to try that on your own drink just for the foam, right?

Here’s another trick, mix corn syrup, shortening, and food coloring together until it turns into this.

Add a bit of hand touches and you can create an ice cream-like prop which doesn’t melt!

Here are a few more trick examples used in commercials:

Advertisers never fail to make you drool over their marvelous commercials, showing refine presentations of their products. Sometimes, it looks too good to be true which may actually disappoint you when it comes to the real thing.

Advertisers are always so driven to outdo their work to the point where they use the most ingenious and the most resourceful tricks in order to entice us to buy their products.

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