Countries with the Longest Lunch Breaks in the World

Did you ever encounter a more than an hour to three hours lunch break in your entire life? It seems crazy but yes, it does exist in some of the countries around the world.

Unlike here in the Philippines, the usual lunch break takes only for about 30 minutes to an hour. Filipinos are used to eat their packed lunch, order food online, go to a nearby fast food restaurant, convenience store or cafeteria for them to maximize the given lunch break and after that work must go on.

So if you are exhausted in dealing in this kind of routine everyday, this must be a sign for you to work in these countries:

Source: The Culinary Travel Guide

I am sure that you have already heard about the word “siesta” which is an afternoon rest right? Although Philippines are colonized by the Spain, they did not apply their kind of siesta in work. Siesta in Spain is a serious thing that Filipinos can envy for because offices or any establishment there take a break between 2 pm to 5 pm which is a freaking three hours lunch break. Spain is considered a country with a hot weather especially in the middle of the afternoon that is why they let their employees and workers to eat and have a nap for them to feel refreshed and work until evening productively since they got a well-rested afternoon after all. Another reason for their serious siesta was they have a law allowing the offices and establishment to allow siesta.

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If Spain spend their lunch break for siesta, Greece spend their three hours lunch break in glorious eating. Greeks consider lunch as the most important meal of the day. They usually went home to have a traditional cook meal and take their time to chow and perhaps chatting with their family and friends, and the extra time is spend in nap before going back at work.

Source: Fluent in 3 Months

In China workers or employees have two hours lunch break between 12 pm to 2 pm. Chinese believes that lunch is the most important time of a the day and the main source of energy in a day. It is said that the two hours lunch break came from the Emperor who do not have an enough time to eat food and sleep. He thinks that the rest of his people had the same problem as him so that two hours lunch break was implemented in China. In a more logical reason, they let their employees especially the factory workers to have an enough time to eat and power nap to bring a more productive quality of work.

Source: Campus France

Lunch break in France is considered as a sacred thing. French are known as a food loving country so that they take their time to have two hours lunch break. They believe that taking a break is a way to have a quality life, and eating slowly is a vital part of eating properly and to enjoy the food they have. For them, it is better to have a long lunch break because it promotes productivity than wasting their time staring at the computer screen tired and hungry.

Source: Amigo Foods

The two hours lunch break in Brazil is more of a socializing time of the day. Aside from hot weather in the middle of the afternoon and they love to eat a proper meal such as beans and rice, they used lunch break to gather with their co-workers and friends to relax and chitchat with each other. They also used their two hours lunch break in business purposes like creating client relationship or convincing a possible partner or investor perhaps.

Source: On His Own Trip

Italians have 90 minutes or an hour and half of lunch break. These must be the shortest lunch break in the list but compared to Filipino lunch break it is considered long enough to eat, to chitchat or to run errands. For Italians a well enough time is important to eat a proper meal even if it is just a regular pasta than eating sandwich while working on the computer.

After knowing these countries it is natural to feel envious of their lunch break hours right? How you wish that the Philippines has the same two to three hours lunch break at work. Well, it is not bad to have long lunch break after all since it helps a person to refresh, rest, take a nap and bond with your friends and co-workers which promotes a productive, quality and healthy life.

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